Captive Portal Web Service for Internet Access

E-Slating’s Captive Portal Web Service, allows to efficiently administer Internet access for guests, attendees or passengers, in the Internet coverage within the property on which this Working on our service.

This leading cloud based solution is compatible with the NOMADIX® family of gateways and all main HSIA vendors, empowering the solution.

Captive Portal Web Service Main features:

-Developed to be compatible with the most widespread Gateways in the HSIA Industry:

-CLOUD service hosted in several redundant data centers, providing a high availability scheme, optimizing the cost of acquisition, operation and maintenance.

-Improved aesthetic and graphic design, flexible to meet the customer’s definitions with respect for it’s graphic identity.
oImproves and expands the basic functionality of internal captive portals included in the Internet gateways:

  • Automatic language detection, depending on host device. Available in Spanish, Portuguese and English (default).

  • Automatic detection or device type: desktop or mobile format.

  • Mobile Captive Portal page with full functionality and with a similar look and feel as a mobile APP.

  • Ability to define several areas/SSIDs within a property and have a single Gateway showing different Captive Portals or products, depending on the area from where the connection is established.

  • Ability to define several areas/SSIDs with different flexible product offers. Typically used for having a free courtesy hotspot area separated from paying users.

  • Ability to provide courtesy Internet access for a limited period of time, preventing passersby or neighbors to abuse the property’s  Internet service.

Ability to keep users connected even if they change area/SSIDs within the same property, or force them to re-validate their access credentials, depending on commercial policy.

  • Ability to provide individual access codes for each user or unique codes for multiple users access within a given time frame.


-Several and flexible access control models for authorized users:

  • User access Internet with a single credential provided in advance (scratch card model).

  • Registered guests of a hotel access Internet by entering last name and room number (automated validation through PMS).

Advanced functionalities for guest recognition (typically loyalty program level, when using automated validation through PMS).

-Meeting credentials functionality:

  • Allows meeting date definition.

  • Allows definition of the number of users / attendees / devices.

  • Allows product definition for the group.

  • Works with a single credential scheme for all attendees.

-Internet product definition with advanced features:

  • Product definition through price, bandwidth and duration.

  • Ability to have different product availability throughout  each defined area of ​​the property.

Product offer tailored for each guest by means of the guest recognition advanced functionality (when using automated validation through PMS).

Self Upgrade feature for guests, providing the ability to improve the selected product even during a valid session.


-Centralized and improved management of Internet access

  • Manage all the Internet access policy for property’s guests from a single back-office administrative platform, provisioning credentials for user access and generating reports. The back-office users are defined with different profiles and administrative privileges.
  • Efficiently manage multiple properties or groups of properties, considering regional and divisional management, with hierarchical approach.